Why setttle in Skara Brae ?


To many it is a mystery why Neolithic people would want to settle in windy, wet Orkney but historians have suggested reasons why they may have picked Orkney to settle in.


  • Fertile land that was ideal for farming
  • A vast variety of wild animals to hunt
  • Easy to reach by sea
  • A large quantity of natural resources
  • Isolated from other rival groups
  • A large amount of undiscovered land




One thought on “Why setttle in Skara Brae ?

  1. Becky, this is absolutely fantastic! What a lot of effort you have put in, I am so impressed! You’ve got really interesting information here, it’s clear you’ve done more research of your own and I love the idea of the poll about why people left. I’m going to show this to the other teachers in the department – very well done!


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