About Skara Brae

Here is a link to an interesting documentary about Scara Brae.

Skara Brae was a late Neolithic settlement that was inhabited from 2200-3200 Bc. It  was located on the southern shore of Sandwick.

It consists of 8 stone houses that were closely linked by tunnels. Historians have thought that no more than 100 people settled in Scara Brae at the one time although remains of pottery and tools show that the villagers were skilled craftsmen.

The average house in Skara Brae consisted  of a large heath in the center of the room and a stone bed with a heather mattress and animal skin blankets for comfort.  Each house also had a stone dresser so the inhabitants could display their valuables.

It is thought that the houses in Skara Brae were made for  a perishable organic material as their is nothing left of SkaraBrae’s roofs.

By Becky G


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